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About us

Our business has been alive and kicking for over 7 years now and we can count some of the UK's best companies and professional football clubs as our customers. 


All our leisurewear designs are exclusive to us, and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

If you play for, or run a team - any sport - we can create your own club shop where a full range of clothing and accessories with your logo can be purchased either for members or fans.

We will set up your shop completely free of charge

**Please note that the branded distillery products shown on the site are examples of the items we supply and cannot be purchased from us. You will find them if you visit the various fantastic Distillery Visitor Centres across the country.

Why Choose NJT 

Coming from a retail background, it has always been very important to us that as well as having fantastic products, customer service is king.

If you look hard enough you will always find someone who may be cheaper for certain things but you will never find better customer service than ours. We want our customers to stay with us on our journey and that can only be achieved by making sure that everyone is treated with respect and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


I have yet to find another company who offer as wide a range of products as we do. We deal with manufacturers across the globe and I always say, if it can be personalised, there's a pretty good chance we can supply it. We love taking enquiries on things which we don't show on the site - so don't be afraid to ask - because then we get our thinking caps on and see what we can come up with for you.


Our Football Merchandise and other designs are exclusive to us and can only be purchased through our various online shops.


We are the sole suppliers of ZETOL drivers kits and are commited to help to keep our roads safe.

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